What is Moana Finance?

Moana Finance is your go-to solution for vehicle import finance services. We provide funding tailored to the needs of importers and exporters. With Moana Finance, you benefit from efficient funding, transparent processes, competitive rates, and simplicity. Whether you’re an importer or an exporter, Moana Finance is here to support your success in the vehicle import industry.

Moana Finance is only available for New Zealand customers currently.

Information for Importers (Dealers)

You are eligible to apply for Moana Finance if:

  • you are a NZ registered dealer on the Motor Vehicle Traders Register (MVTR)
  • have had at least two years in business within the motor vehicle industry
  • have a secure retail yard
  • have a reasonable credit history
  • have stock insurance

Moana Finance offers funding for your vehicle imports from their arrival in New Zealand until they’re sold or until the maximum loan term ends (whichever is first). The vehicle will need to be shipped to New Zealand with Moana Blue to be eligible for funding.

The funding is provided for each vehicle in NZD. We require a 10% deposit to be paid before the remaining value of the vehicle will be paid to your exporter. Moana Finance offers a 90-day initial loan term, extendable for a further 90 days with a 10% principal reduction.

Our process involves each vehicle acting as security for the loan. This is done through control of the MR2A documents with your compliance centre and PPSR registrations. These securities are released when you notify us of the vehicle sale or full repayment of the loan.

Email for an application form. There are no application or facility establishment fees.

For more information download our fact sheet for Importers:

Information for Exporters (Shippers)

When a Dealer is approved for Moana Finance, they will receive a funding facility to purchase vehicles from onboarded Japan Exporters. This gives you a piece of mind that the Dealer has finance to pay for the vehicles on arrival into New Zealand. Once you have been paid by Moana Blue, the credit risk shifts to us.

To be onboarded as an Exporter, you will need to follow our funding process. This involves sending the invoices of the approved Dealer to Moana Blue. Additionally, original Export Certificates for Moana Finance funded vehicles are to be sent to our New Zealand office.

If an upfront deposit is required by you, the Dealer will need to handle this directly as funding is only available from ETA. Vehicle ownership is not affected by funding from Moana Blue.

If you wish to join Moana Finance as an Exporter, no contracts are needed – we just need written confirmation that you agree to follow the Moana Finance process.

For more information download our fact sheet for Exporters:

Complaints process

If you have feedback on our process or need to talk to us about something that has happened, please let us know. We are committed to providing a quality service and resolving the issues that you have.

If you are still not happy, please escalate the complaint to our CFO, who will look at your concern. You can get in contact by email or by ringing the office number on 09 215 7907.

If your problem is not addressed through this process, as a financial service provider Moana Blue is a member of an approved independent dispute resolution scheme. It is free for you to use, and they will help investigate or resolve your complaint.

Moana Blue is a member of Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), member number is 8948. You can contact FSCL if you are not satisfied by the outcome of our internal complaints process by phoning 0800 347 257, by email at, or through their website